Interview Ready!

It’s interview time! The last week of school means that high school and college kids are interviewing like crazy to line up the sweetest and most profitable summer job. I was lucky to have both my interviews in the same week–and lucky enough to be offered both positions (hooray). I thought I’d do a quick breakdown of interview appropriate dress. There is no one-correct-interview-outfit. The rule I’ve always relied on is to dress one level up from where you’re interviewing. For example, high school I worked at target in a uniform of khakis and red shirts (ugh) but for the interview I wore black dress pants and a blouse. It is really important to recognize what type of environment you are interviewing for and build your outfit based on that.  
cardigan: store in Norway; blouse: borrowed from rommie; pants & belt: thrifted; shoes: borrowed from Katie (by way of F21); hair bow: F21

I wore the above outfit for an interview at a clothing boutique. I chose nice slacks and heels because the dress code in the store is business casual. I wore the bright blue blouse and pink cardigan because it was not a very serious interview. I was applying to work in a fashion/retail position and I wanted to sell my style. I kept my accessories simple with a flower headband and a classic pendant necklace. My goal for this outfit was to be stylish and very classic. I did not want my outfit to be too funky or trendy because I had pink hair and wanted to down play any “punk” vibes.

dress: H&M; blouse: thrifted; scarf: vintage; boots: target

This second outfit was for an internship interview at a well-known museum in D.C. I went with a black dress and white blouse to be more business than business-casual. Since I was interviewing for a position in the costumes and textiles department I added the scarf as flavor. I knew that the position I wanted was part of the creative side of the museum so I was not worried about showing a little funk in my dress. Still, I kept most of the outfit very simple and classic. Ideally I would have worn ballet flats or pumps but it was very rainy so I wore boots for my seven block walk from the metro to the museum.

Not sure where these items are from but Ada made a point to mention that she wore skin tone hosiery "a must in the business world."

I asked my good friend Ada (and future roommate) to explain to me her interview outfit. Ada currently works in the banking worlds and, while she is in the Public Relations/Graphic Design section of the industry, it is still very conservative. Ada wore a black dress and white button-up–if you plan to work in business/professional you will need at least one black skirt (pencil, a-line, even flared) and a white button up–and black pumps. She kept her jewelery simple but still managed to show her individual style with a delicate flower necklace.

shirt: thrifted; pants: Kohl's; belt: Kohl's

Don’t worry boys, I didn’t forget you. This is what Kenneth wore to his interview with the State Police. A nice button up shirt and khaki slacks. Males have it fairly simple when it comes to interview uniforms. Slacks, a button up and a blazer or suit and tie. If you are interviewing for a conservative law firm I would recommend keeping to the traditional black suit, white shirt, and a classic print tie. However, if you’re interviewing in the creative industries it would be acceptable to wear a funky skinny tie or a shirt in a non-traditional color. Oh, don’t forget dress shoes!

shoes: Kohl's

Interviewing can be very stressful but picking out an outfit shouldn’t be. It’s really easy to dress appropriately for your interview. Remember–it’s all about understanding the environment you’re interviewing in. There is no need, however, to sacrifice your individual taste. In a conservative environment, stick with a subtle statement necklace, bracelet or tie. In a more liberal environment there are more possibilities for expressing yourself.

Also, if this is a starter job (your first job in a certain field) don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer the dress code for the place you will be working at!

Good luck!


On the Catwalk, Baby

ph. Megan Beattie

Ladies and Gentleman, I’ve been keeping something from you: I was a model in this years Portfolio in Motion. I tried out for the show way back in February but I decided not to announce my participation online in case I was kicked out of the show (I was so nervous!). If you have read my post about the show last year you may be wondering why I would participate! Honestly, I never thought about trying out for the show but my friend Katie kept after me to try out. Then I read an article about retraining the amygdala against fear. Walking in front of hundreds of peoples in heels terrified me! I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

ph. Gasper Kay, designedbykay.com

I went into the show not for just personal reasons, I wanted to get an inside perspective on the fashion show. Last year there was some controversy and I wanted to see if things would be resolved this year. I was pleasantly surprised with the steps the Fashion program took to work with students on the matter of parking and keeping the fitness facility open. However, I was disappointed in the miscommunication and power struggle involved in running the show. A lot of the people in charge of running the show seemed to be high on the power. There was, however, one coordinator who I was blown away by. Megan Butler, who as a junior was this years Model Coordinator (well, co-coordinator), was a fantastic person to work under; she was considerate, friendly, and very professional.

ph. Gasper Kay, designedbykay.com

Despite the less-than-seamless behind the scenes work the show was well-received. I had a fantastic time on the runway and heard from many people in the audience that the show was even better than last year! I’m glad I chose to participate and I wish that I had walked in the show in my earlier years of university.

Anyway, the red dress I am wearing was designed by Dana Doughten as a part of her senior line. The dress is perfectly tailored and one of my favorite pieces from this year. I’ve known Dana since we were freshman and I have to say that I was very impressed with all her garments in the show! For more pictures from the show click here.

In My Sights

This week has been fantastic for me! I found a job (to pay the bills) and an internship (to build my resume). These two things have been weighing on my mind for awhile but now that they’re settled I’m starting to think about other things! Namely, what do I want to do this summer? Work: check; fantastic internship: check… I have a few ideas and I thought I’d jot them down here (so I don’t forget).

Here goes:
-grow a balcony garden (this is in process)
– lots of library time
– photoshoots (I have several in mind. I’m working on building my portfolio!)
– practice more portrait and couples photography
– bike lots more!!
– more fruit smoothies (so addictive)
– a fancy dinner party! (how fun would that be?)
– beach trip with Kenneth
– new camera (??)
– spend more time with family
– paint the living room (and dinning room)
– Arlington Farmers Market & the Flea Market
– create a flower crown
– paint the TV stand
– looooooong hair

Haha. It looks like I will spend my summer biking to the market and the library, visiting with friends and family, cooking and eating, and growing my hair!

What are your summer plans?

cherry blossom festival

It looks warm but it was freezing!

Since I told you all I was headed to the Tidal Basin to see the Cherry Blossoms, I thought I’d show you a few photos. It was such a fun day! My friend, and former co-worker, Rainier and I spent a few hours walking along the basin and freezing! Rainier is a photog too and it was nice to hang out with someone who understands the compulsion to stop and take the same photo over and over until it’s perfect ;). The last time I was at the cherry blossom festival (four-ish years ago) it was so hot I was almost dying in jeans. It’s crazy how the weather has changed. Tuesday was peak but if you’re in the area you should try and check it out!


I love the nation's capitol.

good gosh

School can get awfully stressful, so can life. I try to focus on the positive but sometimes it becomes difficult. One thing I try to do, when I remember, is make happy lists. So here’s today’s happy list:

1. Kenneth, who brings my stamps to mail my bills.
2. Plans to shoot the cherry blossoms this week.
3. Spending the day with family.
4. An afternoon at the Kennedy Center (matinée of Proteges III).
5. Pancakes for breakfast tomorrow (I’m thinking of topping them with bananas and chocolate chips. yum.)!

That’s all for now BUT I have to say that’s a solid list: friends, family, plans, and food :)! All the necessities covered. haha.

I’ll be back soon with happier stories, I promise.


“Spring Break”

How I spent my "break".

Dear college students,

You are all being duped. Spring Break is a lie. First off, it’s not spring yet! Spring doesn’t start until March 20th. If you’re going to have a break start March 7th it should be called “just-before-Spring” Break or “tradition states that we give you a break in the middle of the semester so here you go” Break. Secondly, having one’s senior thesis due the week after “Spring Break” essentially negates the whole “Break” aspect of it. It guarantees that poor seniors, like I, will spend their break slaving away in the library researching topics such as “Women and the American Revolution”. Not that we’re missing much–as I mentioned earlier, it’s not spring yet so the weather is totally gross!

I hereby institute a vote that we rename “Spring Break” with the more appropriate title “End-of-Winter Thesis Week.” Will someone second this for me?



P.S. Marymount is a Catholic university so we also get an Easter Break–normally a pretty sweet five-day weekend. Except this year Easter Break is the weekend before finals week! Duped again, kids.

P.P.S For a happier look at what spring break can be: click here!

Life as a Commuter Student

One corner of my room! I love how much light I get!

Don’t miss Part 1!

School started shortly after we moved into the apartment and I only had time to get my clothes unpacked and my bed set up. It was a struggle to feel at home when the apartment didn’t have any personal touches. However, it only took a few weeks to move most of my things in–although, we are still in the process of decorating. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with all the space. For the first time I had a living room that was mine; mine to throw my coat down on, or leave my computer out in, or to curl up on the couch and read for hours! I also loved having a kitchen and took to baking something new every week–just because I could!

It hasn’t been all fun though. I don’t have a car and having to bus or metro to campus is annoying, especially in 30 degree weather. I’m lucky that I can get rides from my roommate and friends but I hate asking them to go out of their way because it feels like a burden. I also didn’t anticipate the loneliness of living off campus. When a snowstorm hit a few weeks ago a lot of my friends on campus camped out together in the dark (oops power outage) but I was stuck in my apartment alone! It is a difficult adjustment from being surrounded (next door, above, and below) by friends like I was last year and while abroad.

I like living off campus but I don’t like commuting. I love having my own space and the ability to host dinners, have my boyfriend over as late as I want, and keep more than one six-pack of beer in my fridge (not that I keep beer in my fridge–ew). I think that there comes a point in every person’s life when they need to be on their own, living under their own rules. When I moved out of my parent’s house at 18 I gained some measure of freedom and now, having moved out of the dormitories and away from the ever-watchful gaze of res. life, I’ve gained a little bit more. The only downside is having to get to campus but I’m well aware that as soon as the weather warms up I will enjoy the bike ride to school or the walk to the bus!

I still think that if possible every student should live on campus, in a dorm for at least one semester. Trust me, you will receive a wealth of experience that is impossible to get at any other time in your life!